Haoran Fan (b.1991,China) lives and works in New York City. He received a master degree in photography at the school of Visual Arts in 2016. Influenced by multi-disciplinary academic backgrounds (with sociology, advertising, integrated marketing and graphic design), he has been exploring photographic subjects and approaches in a great diversity of directions and methods. Fan's art practice currently focuses on exploring the coexistence of natural landscapes and human behaviors. Through reconstructing reality and fiction, Fan creates a new space which peacefully and poetically states the interaction between objects, human beings and emotions. 
Fan's work was selected and exhibited in PULSE Miami Contemporary Art Fair, Dali International Photography Festival, APA Top 30 Exhibition, Helac Fine Art (NYC), and Robin Rice Gallery (NYC), nominated for the Tokyo International Poto Awards, Fine Art Photography Awards, Photogrvphy Grant London and New York Portfolio Review. 
范浩然的作品曾在迈阿密当代艺术展( PULSE Miami Contemporary Art Fair)、大理国际影会(Dali International Photography Festival)、纽约Helac画廊和纽约罗宾莱斯画廊参展;获得了东京国际摄影奖、纯艺术摄影奖和伦敦摄影基金奖的提名、并入围了纽约时报年度作品集评选短名单。